There's always more work than time in the day

Reinvent how you get work done

while recruiting new talent

Introducing ProMazo: A new way to get work done


Discuss your goal in collaborating with us — recruitment, completing work or both.


Publish your projects to be completed on our website.

Search & Screen

Search & Screen our talent database to find the perfect candidates for your projects.


Collaborate virtually through a semester just like regular employees. PM will support both parties to ensure that everything is satisfactory.


Once Complete, students turn over all work to their company and are paid upon approval.


Companies can then Create new projects for the same students or search for new talent.

How it Works

Looking to find and leverage high-quality talent economically? Discuss your goals with us, publish your projects, search and screen our talent database. Then collaborate virtually throughout a semester just like a regular employee. Upon completion, you can choose to continue working with the same students or search for new ones.

What can student consultants do?


ProMazo consultants can provide assistance to your team.

  • Backend processing & paperwork
  • Programming & database design
  • Product evaluation & marketing plans
  • Software design


Low-risk & high-reward, ProMazo offers new opportunities.

  • Market Analysis
  • Research
  • Surveys
  • Financial Modeling


If you have a short-term deadline to meet ProMazo can help.

  • Product Testing, Systems Analytics, Debugging
  • Last Minute Industry Research
  • Presentation Design
  • Any Currently Outsourced Work

Analyze Talent & Finish Work

ProMazo challenges the assumption that recruiting college grads is costly. ProMazo drives down hiring costs by tapping into an educated, underutilized student workforce and enables companies to test drive them through virtual real-world projects during college. The savings allow you to work with five times the number of students compared to traditional recruiting methods, and evaluate students over multiple years.

Company Benefits

Make the intangibles tangible

  • Opportunity to create diverse projects and analyze how prospects perform over an extended period.
  • Test a potential employee's work ethic, team communication, and leadership abilities.

A talent pipeline

  • Work with students over a two-year period, developing an unparalleled 1-on-1 relationship with them that no competitor can match.
  • Create a seamless transition between a student's university life and professional future while managing a prospect over the entire recruiting cycle.

A recruiter near campus

  • With local offices at each of our universities, ProMazo is in a unique position to source and discover talent.
  • ProMazo coordinates the activities of "veteran" student workers to become on-campus evangelists for your organization.

Get work done economically

  • Complete projects with some of the highest quality university talent for a low cost.
  • Pass savings on to clients and/or customers.
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