Use those extra hours before/after class to

Gain real world experience without leaving campus

While finding out what makes you tick

Introducing ProMazo: A new way to build your resume


Upload your résumé into our talent database.


Flag companies and apply to projects that match your interests.

Search & Screen

Companies Search & Screen our talent database to find the perfect candidates for their projects.


Collaborate virtually through a semester just like regular employees. PM will support both parties to ensure that everything is satisfactory.


Complete the project, turn over all work to your company and get paid upon approval.


Next, select a new project or stick with the same company.

How it Works

Looking to connect with companies that match your interests and passions? Upload your resume, flag companies and projects, then collaborate virtually through a semester just like a regular employee. Upon completion, you can choose to continue working with the same company or join a new one.

What can you do with ProMazo?


First time with ProMazo? Don’t know what virtual work is like? Have a packed schedule this semester? Our internships allow you to hone your skills while learning what types of professions you might be interested in.

  • We highly recommend you start with one of these opportunities before applying for a consulting project, because previous ProMazo internships are the number one factor in determining placement for consulting, especially if you are freshman or sophomore.


Ready to take the next step? ProMazo consulting experiences allow you to take a deep dive into an industry. However, with this increased focus comes additional responsiblity.

  • These projects require more dedication/time and a demonstrated level of expertise in the field, communication and time management. We HIGHLY recommend completing a ProMazo internship before applying for a consulting project.

Chapter Council

The council functions as the face of ProMazo at the university, and as such requires a high level of dedication and a proven ability to succeed in unstructured environments.

  • As a council member you will lead teams, meet with corporate representatives and customize ProMazo for your school. The Council Members represent the very best of ProMazo and as such receive a substantial amount of responsibility and invaluable management experience.

Learn & Explore

Imagine walking into an interview. The interviewer is asking all sorts of behavioral and potentially industry-specific questions. But what they really want to know is can you handle the responsibilities of a real job and what you have done that sets you apart?

What if you could tell them how you just finished helping a start-up build their fundraising pitchbook, or how the semester before you developed a marketing plan for a new product and worked with a team of engineers to create the prototype? And finally, this year how you’ll be managing a team of 10 conducting financial research for a large Wall Street bank. Do you think they would be impressed? With ProMazo that possibility becomes reality. We provide you with the opportunities to determine what you really want to do, while gaining real world experience without leaving campus.

Student Benefits

Build your skills

  • Gain over two years of work experience with some of the top companies in the nation/world.
  • Showcase your leadership skills when you manage a small team during your senior year.

Explore your passions

  • Take a chance and do something you've always dreamt of but didn't fit on your "track", like working for a startup, a large company, or an international organization.
  • Ensure that your selected major or profession is right for you.

Make connections

  • Personally connect with companies you want to work for after graduation.
  • Meet future bosses, coworkers, and peers, making sure that the company is a match for you.

Get paid

  • Receive some of the highest wages on campus.
  • Have extra spending money for the weekend, traveling or bills.
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